Sunday, May 19, 2013


We are aware of the US Senate 8-member proposed Bill before the Senate on comprehensive immigration reform, but we are now facing a new version in the US House of Representative.

All of us must keep focused on the overall goal:  to deal with the 11 million people living among us who do not enjoy any legal status, and who live in the shadows of our society--mostly neglected and abandoned.

The only legislative approach which will assist all of our objectives is one which includes all of the 11 million in the shadows.  I need to repeat often that 4.4 million of the 11 million did not walk across a border.  Rather, they arrived in a international USA airport with a Visa--and when the Visa expired, they just stayed.  That is almost half of the total number.

You and I need to emphasize to our representatives in Congress and in the US Senate that we need a comprehensive immigration reform package, and that we need it now.

I fear that other political issues now brewing strongly in Washington will somehow push comprehensive immigration reform to the side.  We can't allow that to happen.

It is not too early to contact your Congress Representative or US Senator to insist upon a full and comprehensive reform of our broken immigration system.

Yes, we can do this!!!