Sunday, August 3, 2014


Yet once again, House of Representative members have abandoned "the least among us," and have refused to offer even basic humanitarian assistance to children fleeing impossible living conditions.  Just before leaving Washington for a five-week recess, they failed to pass any meaningful legislation to lift ever so slightly the burdens upon the unauthorized immigrants in our midst.

I am reminded of Jesus' frustration with the Pharisees who were very good at imposing burdens on people, but would never lift a finger to lighten those burdens:

They tie up burdens that are heavy and unbearable and lay them on people's shoulders, but they refuse to lift a finger to remove them.  [Matthew 23:4]

The vast majority of immigrants who come to our country do so out of desperation.  They are not able to feed their families back home, jobs are few and far between, health and education services are often non-existent, and new violence and terrorism by drug cartels and gangs threaten everyone.

They certainly don't come here to take jobs that other Americans are doing.  If low-skill, low-paying jobs were being snapped up by legal residents, then there would be no incentive for others to come to our country to fill those jobs.

Any mother or father would think seriously about fleeing such pitiful circumstances, and seeking new opportunities for their family.  During the Great Recession I recall hearing so many stories about fellow Americans who had been fired caught in similar desperation.  Many took daring steps to try to provide for their families.  Great suffering ensued across the land.

The slowly growing economy continues the agony for so many--jobs are not available at their previous salaries; many workers have had their hours shortened; far too many have lost benefits such as health care and pensions.

What is so sad is to listen to the hateful rhetoric directed towards these brothers and sisters.  Talk show programs vie with one another to see who can hurl the most hurtful accusations at our immigrant brothers and sisters.

And yet, a very hopeful sign is that a majority of Americans still state in most polls that they believe some kind of earned pathway to legal residence should be offered to these brothers and sisters.

Prayer continues to be an essential component in our Christian approach to all who are carrying heavy burdens.  We turn to Jesus to help us lift the burdens that weary and suffocate so many in our midst.

Santo Toribio Romo, pray for us!!