Sunday, February 19, 2017


On February 21 and 22, I will be attending an International Forum on the plight of the world's refugees in Rome--sponsored by the Church and bringing together many persons and organizations helping the vast refugee populations of the world.

Then on February 23, Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, Kevin Appleby and I will fly to Lebanon to begin a four-country tour to be with various refugee groups.  Almost all of these refugees have had to flee terror, wars, persecution, lack of food and medical care, and general hopelessness.  Our mission is to bring that sense of "closeness" of Pope Francis to them, and to extend reasons for hope.  We will also be encouraging the caregivers taking care of refugees in so many places.

From Lebanon, we will fly to Jordan to visit refugee centers there, then on to Erbil in northern Iraq, and conclude in Greece where so many refugees are stranded.

Please continue to pray for all refugees and peoples on the move across the world, and to support the tremendous work of Catholic Relief Services [CRS] in so many countries around the world.