Friday, October 30, 2009

Great Pizza Place in Rome!

You can't visit Rome without trying their terrific pizza! My favorite is the really thin pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven. Nothing like it! Our Los Angeles pizzas tend to be way too thick--too much dough. The thin ones pick up the wood cooked flavor nicely!

The place is called La Sacrestia--The Sacristy! That's the large room where the priests vest for Mass, and all of the liturgical items are stored. And it's on Via del Seminario--Seminary Road! Good friendly service.

My favorite is the one with fresh sliced mushrooms as the main topping!

In my opinion, this is the best wood-fired pizza restaurant in Rome--and they have wood-fired pizza for both pranzo and cena [lunch and dinner]. Most places only serve wood-fired pizza for cena.

La Sacrestia
Via de Seminario, 89
Closed Wednesdays

Really easy to find--just to the left of the Pantheon in the heart of old Rome. As you are facing the front of the Pantheon, via del Seminario is to your left. Just a few doors down you will find La Sacrestia.

After a great pizza with some fine Italian wine, allow yourself some riposo time--a little nap!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Today the Pontifical Council on Social Communications concluded its formal meetings, and then met with Pope Benedict XVI.

One of the most important initiatives from the Council is the proper formation of seminarians, priests, religious, and pastoral ministers in understanding more deeply modern communications and how to communicate far more effectively with the people of today.

Below are some quotes from the Pope's address to the members:

"Effectively," Benedict XVI said, "modern culture is established, even before its content, in the very fact of the existence of new forms of communication that use new languages; they use new technologies and create new psychological attitudes. All of which supposes a challenge for the Church, which is called to announce the Gospel to persons in the third millennium, maintaining its content unaltered but making it understandable, thanks also to the instruments and methods in tune with today's mentality and culture".

At the same time, the Pope referred to his last message for the World Communications Day in which he encouraged "those responsible for communication in all areas, to promote a culture of respect for the dignity and worth of the human being, a dialogue rooted in the sincere search for truth and friendship (...) capable of developing the gifts and talents of each and of putting them at the service of the human community".

"In this way the Church exercises that which can be defined as a "deaconate of culture" in today's "digital continent", using its means to announce the Gospel, the only Word that can save the human being. The task of enriching the elements of the new culture of the media, beginning with their ethical aspects, falls to the Pontifical Council for Social Communications as well as serving as orientation and guide in helping the particular churches understand the importance of communication, which represents a key point that cannot be overlooked in any pastoral plan".
[Vatican Information Service]