Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Although Pope Benedict is stepping aside as our active Pope, nonetheless his marvelous writings will continue to guide and inspire us for decades to come.

His brief meditations are among my favorites, and if you want a great companion for Lent, be sure to get a copy of The Joy of Knowing Christ.  His 55 meditations bring us ever more deeply into the life of Jesus Christ.  [Easy to purchase on line]

If you use one meditation a day during Lent you will come to know Jesus in new and palpable ways, and your friendship with him will become an amazing grace for you.

The more fully we listen to Jesus' words and instructions, and the more we watch in wonderment as he touches the lives of countless crowds with his message of God's love and mercy, then the more able you and I are to imitate Jesus in our own lives. 

The New Evangelization proposed by Benedict flows from two founts:  knowing Jesus more deeply, and sharing him in love and through actions towards others.

May Jesus accompany us day after day along our Lenten journey!