Wednesday, April 3, 2013


The continuing mantra from Washington DC focuses on "border security."  This is something we are all concerned about.

Of the 11 million documented persons in our country, some 40%, or 4,400,000, of these people came here on VISAS--student visas, visitor visas, and the like.  But they overstayed their visas, and when their visas expired, they simply just stayed here.  They did not depart our country as they had promised.

For some reason, we have been led to believe that all undocumented aliens walk or run across our southern border.  Not true.  We know that 40% came through our international airports across the country--they did not walk across a border. 

Recall that with the 9/11 terrorists all came here on Student Visas, and one walked across the Canadian border.  No one came across our border with Mexico.

Incredible Problem:  we have no system of any kind to track visitors to our country who come on Visas.  Over the years, I have visited many countries with visa requirements.  Whenever I checked into a hotel, I had to show my passport and visa.  If my visa had expired, they would have called the police and I would have been detained, and then, deported.

Once a person enters our country on a Visa, absolutely no process or procedures are in place to track that person.  That is wrong.

In any comprehensive immigration program, we need firm and concrete measures to hold Visa holders to a higher standard. 

That will eliminate 40%, or, 4,400,000 undocumented people.

Just do the math.