Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Here in the Western States we are experiencing one of the worse cycles of drought in our history.

However, our West has always seen periods of drought.  What is new is the population:  many years ago, there were 10 million people in California; today, there are 40 million.

The need for water for such a great number has increased dramatically, creating a real crisis across the State.

And who suffers the most?  As always, the poorest of our people and families.  A family in the San Joaquin Valley gets its water from a backyard well.  However, the water table has dropped tremendously, and the well is not producing any water.  To sink the well deeper would cost at least $10,000 and the well company cannot get to this assignment for at least two years!  Their backlog is tremendous.

The same is true of small towns in the Valley with water systems.  All of their wells are dry.

And so, let us pray:

Our loving God, we are in need of rain and snow.  We realize now, looking up into the clear, blue sky what a marvel even the least drop of rain really is.  To think that so much water can really fall out of the sky, which now is empty and clear!  We place our trust in you.  We are sure that you know our needs.  But you want us to ask you anyway to show that you that we know we are dependent on you.

Look to our dry hills and fields, loving God, and bless them with the living blessing of soft rain and abundant snows.  Then the land will rejoice and rivers will sing your praises, and the hearts of all will be made glad.  Amen.

May our daily prayers reach up into the heavens, and may our loving God pour out rain and snow upon us!!