Wednesday, March 13, 2013


What a thrilling grace for the Catholic Church!! 

A day of firsts:  our first Pope from the southern hemisphere, our first Pope from Latin America, our first Pope to take the name of Francis, the first Jesuit Pope!!!

I am just ecstatic over the choice by the Holy Spirit through the Cardinals from across the globe.  It will be impossible to sleep tonight with such good and emotional news for us!

It was a special grace to represent Southern California in this Conclave, and especially with millions of people from across Latin America living in our area.  I can imagine how excited they must be to have for the first time a Pope who comes from their culture, language, and religious traditions.

Pope Francis I will continue to live out his deep personal faith with Jesus Christ in a way that attracts people to Jesus, thus bringing us a new Spring for evangelization within the Church.

With the name of Francis, he will also continue his great care and concern for the poor of the world--something that he has done as the Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

It's late in Rome, so more tomorrow!!!

Pope Francis I--what a graced ring there is to that name!