Sunday, March 17, 2013


After Pope Benedict XVI announced his retirement, all of us turned to prayer, and especially, through the Holy Spiri,t to guide us.

With 1.2 billion Catholics world-wide, and being one of 115 to elect the new Pope, I was deeply humbled--and terrified.  My prayers to the Holy Spirit began, and were constant.

I know how many millions of fellow Catholics were praying across the world that the Holy Spirit point us to the best one to lead our Church forward.

When we eventually arrived at the Sistine Chapel on March 12, I was still pondering two or three candidates.  However, when the first blank ballot was given to us, and when it was time to write down a name, something powerful--and strange--happened.

I picked up my pen to write, and I began.  However, my hand was being moved by some greater spiritual force.  The name on the ballot just happened.  I had not yet narrowed my thinking down to one name; but it was done for me.

I wrote it, then trembled deeply.  That's when I knew the Holy Spirit was fully working within the Church of Jesus Christ, and that my role was not to "select" the new Successor to Peter, but to "write down" his name--a name that had been given to me.

The overwhelming power of prayer and reliance upon the Holy Spirit is beyond any human imagining.

Thanks to all of you who stormed heaven seeking the best Pope for the coming years!!!